Speeding up Image loading

The VIP will hide your product images rather than not loading them at all. This is to prevent any major issues with your site - the worst-case scenario for a malfunction of the app is that all images are shown.

While this approach is fail save, it limits our options when we can actually make the unnecessary images disappear.  We can't prevent all images from showing up shortly, but you can speed up the hiding of the images by adding the following line of code to your theme.liquid:

<script type="text/javascript" src="{{shop.secure_url}}/apps/vig/liquid_factory/scripttag.js?shop={{shop.permanent_domain}}"></script>

You can add the line at the very end of your theme.liquid file, between the </body> and the </html> tag:

Please note that in some themes the quickload may lead to quirky behaviour with the VIP. In most themes it works though.

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